In the Beginning
I began legally riding a Kasawaki X-2 in the late 80s after completing a boating safety coarse at the age of 12. For years I enjoyed the freedom and experience that a personal watercraft could bring me as a regular consumer rider. In the summer of 1993 I was introduced to Tommy Nuttall Jr through his father, Tommy Nuttall Sr. (a family friend and owner of the local Big Boy's that we frequented). I watched one of Tommy's (Pride Performance) shows and eagerly participated in my first competitive event just a few weeks later in Wyandotte, MI in August of 93. I rode my X-2 in closed-course and amateur freestyle. I was hooked!

The Tour
Over the next 20+ seasons, I would go on to win 9 National Championships at both amateur and pro levels in freestyle and racing  with the IJSBA, APBA, IRA/LXF, and the USWRA respectfully. My career highlights include completing the entire US National Tour 4 times (97,98,99,09), and have competed at the IJSBA World Finals 8x - with top 10 finishes in both Pro Freestyle and Racing classes. Thanks to the tour, I have had the opportunity to travel and learn from many of the most talented riders and business people in the industry.

Teams & Teammates
I am fortunate to have traveled with many very good folks and have had the privilege to ride alongside many great teammates. In the early days Chip Gillan took me on at Pride Performance as a Sport and Stand-up racer (94-96). In the winter of 96, I decided to pivot my focus from racing & some freestyle to freestyle only in pursuit of an IJSBA amateur freestyle National Championship. In August of 96, Mike 'El Chef' Niksic, Keith Head and I formed the New Wave Riders. In 99' the blaster man Warren Fedderwitz joined NWR for the season. Mike and I would ride the perpetual wave as a team for the next few years. In 2001, after creating the first Twangled video and starting a business partnership with Greg Brock, we launched Team Twangled. Today Team Twangled is alive and well and focuses on riders utilizing Backie Chan watercraft. 

Backie Chan
After more than 10 season of purchasing and building custom freestyle watercraft, and never finding the specific ride, weight and feel that I yearn for, I decided to purchase Backie Chan from Trendsetterz. In May of 2014, the Backie Chan tooling and brand was moved from Antioch, CA to Chicago, IL so that I could focus on R&D nd Marketing of Backie Chan hulls and Twangled products.